SubAqua (2009)
A site-specific sound-installation for the Hafencity.

Commisioned by KLANG! Hamburg, Netzwerk für Neue Musik,Germany

SubAqua is a site-specific sound-installation made for the Hafencity in Hamburg in June 2009. The installation was based on sounds from the sub-aquatic landscape in the area, recorded with underwater microphones and artistically transformed.

The water mirror surrounding HafenCIty can be regarded as a part of the public space, just as squares, streets and bridges that belong to everyone and at the same time to no one. Under the surface of the water, a peculiar hidden world exists, which also belongs to the city. The social activity of the city, with boats, cars and even tiny frogs sounds through the water. Depth, distances and perspectives are expressed through the sounds from the city, spread through the water as distant echoes of the present life.

The intention with the sound installation SubAqua was to make “visible” this sub-aquatic landscape of the area around the Hafencity and to create an acoustical map of this normally hidden and unrecognised part of public space.

Technical developement:
Manfred Fox; Fox engineering, Berlin.
Software programming:
Andre Bartetzki, Berlin.

With generous support from:
FOI [Swedish Defence Research Agency] and
IASPIS [International Artists' Studio Program in Sweden]

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